Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Dear Friend and Supporter:

It’s hard to believe that we have lived through an entire year with a worldwide pandemic. Times have
been challenging, yet it is through struggle that we find strength.

Our greatest asset at AWARE, Inc. has been our employees who, without hesitation, changed course, adapted services, and responded to the needs of survivors with care and empathy. Staff showed up every day, putting aside personal fears and risks to their own health.

While the agency was forced to reduce occupancy by 50%, we met safety needs through hotel stays. We reallocated resources to assist survivors with the expenses necessary to start over. We helped survivors move from homes that were unsafe to their own homes free from violence.

The agency put in place health and safety measures to ensure a clean environment by installing air purification systems, hard surface flooring. We replaced bed frames and mattresses to less porous materials that will be more easily cleaned. We added technology infrastructure for counselors, advocates, and other employees to smoothly transition between home and office worksites. We set an expectation agencywide that we must be nimble to ensure safety for survivors and their children.

The agency was able to meet these challenges because you believe in AWARE, Inc. Donors like you, believe in our work, our mission, and our commitment to survivors. As we move into a new phase of the pandemic, we are prepared operationally, but we still need funds to meet our financial goals this year.
We hope that we can count on you. No gift is too small.

Angelita Velasco Gunn
Executive Director



The mission of AWARE, Inc. is to empower survivors by providing shelter and crisis services and collaborating with community partners. We are the only service provider in Jackson County that operates an emergency shelter; provides counseling and supportive services; legal, medical, housing and systems advocacy; and manages a 24-hour helpline for individuals who have experiences domestic violence or sexual assault. Founded in 1969, we have been part of the safety net for survivors and their families for over 45 years.

A donation to AWARE, Inc. ensures that the agency mission is achieved by supporting core services and operating expenses. Operating support is funding directed to the agency operations as a whole and allows us the flexibility to meet unforeseen expenses or pursue opportunities to meet the changing needs of the families we serve.

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