Make a Donation

Make a Donation

Dear Friend of AWARE, Inc.

As we prepare for the holidays, we find ourselves once again making difficult choices in the face of rising COVID cases in our community. AWARE is again adapting services after a brief period of reopening to minimal in-person services. This time, however, we are more prepared with the infrastructure in place to return to virtual services, and shelter at decreased occupancy.

The agency learned some significant lessons during this period of transition. We learned that providing virtual counseling services reduced barriers to participation such as transportation and childcare. We learned that for many survivors, safety is paramount and equally as important is connection to others, financial stability, secure housing, and employment. So, while some families made the choice not to seek shelter, with financial assistance, we helped many avoid homelessness, relocate, secure reliable transportation, and break isolation. We learned that expanded partnerships were necessary to reach survivors of sexual assault who were not seeking emergency medical services.

Finally, we learned that despite the sense of scarcity created by wide-scale unemployment and uncertainty, that our friends and donors continue to be generous.

If you have yet to make your year-end gift, we ask that you help us meet our operating goals. Your donation will provide for client needs, cover alternative housing costs, food, transportation, unforeseen maintenance costs, or the added costs for providing remote services.

Through the pandemic, AWARE staff have been here every day in-person, via email, telephone, or virtually to provide an immediate and prompt response to families in crisis. We ask you to be here for families too.


Angelita Velasco Gunn
Executive Director

The mission of AWARE, Inc. is to empower survivors by providing shelter and crisis services and collaborating with community partners. We are the only service provider in Jackson County that operates an emergency shelter; provides counseling and supportive services; legal, medical, housing and systems advocacy; and manages a 24-hour helpline for individuals who have experiences domestic violence or sexual assault. Founded in 1969, we have been part of the safety net for survivors and their families for over 45 years.

A donation to AWARE, Inc. ensures that the agency mission is achieved by supporting core services and operating expenses. Operating support is funding directed to the agency operations as a whole and allows us the flexibility to meet unforeseen expenses or pursue opportunities to meet the changing needs of the families we serve.

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