About AWARE, Inc.


Mission Statement

AWARE, Inc. strives to eliminate domestic and sexual violence while promoting social change and empowering survivors by offering shelter and services. 

Organizational Core Values

AWARE, Inc.’s core values were developed through a consultative process involving the organization’s Board of Directors and staff at all levels. The principles reflected in this document constitute a value compass for board, staff, volunteers and other individuals working on behalf of the organization.


We recognize that our mission requires working successfully with clients, funding units, donors, the community, the court system, and other non-profit agencies. We encourage staff initiative, innovation, and leadership. We promote teamwork with our clients as we strive for excellence in facilitating the best possible results for the survivors of domestic and sexual violence.


We are committed to making a difference and affecting change in our community. We will do this by supporting and empowering survivors, and being leaders in the movement to eliminate domestic and sexual violence. We take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to educate residents of all ages in Jackson County about our mission, services, and programs.


We believe in the right of everyone to live a violence-free life. Our dedicated staff and volunteers use all available resources to improve the lives of survivors and empower them to create an independent life, free from violence and fear.


We are dedicated to and passionate about our mission of empowering survivors of domestic and sexual violence. We treat our clients with compassion and acceptance. We will always exhibit professional and personal integrity, and adhere to high ethical and professional standards in our work.