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We are here to help you. If you’ve come to our website, perhaps you or someone you know needs help. Maybe you’ve just been raped, maybe you were attacked or assaulted, maybe you’ve had an abusive partner, or maybe something happened a while back that you are just now ready to confront. No matter how scared, hurt, angry, humiliated, or desperate you may feel right now, you need to know that this is not your fault.You did not ask to be abused. You did not ask to be assaulted or attacked. No one asks for this, and no one deserves to be treated this way.

Despite the confusing emotions you may be experiencing, there is one thing you can be sure of – there are people here to empower you. AWARE is here to help you heal. You have just taken the first, and possibly the hardest, step; you’ve turned to somebody for help. We can provide you with free assistance, counseling, and support, and empower you to begin living a violence-free life.

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AWARE needs your help! If anyone is interested, It is a fun night and we are looking for Chef Participation!



Additional fun! Participants at the event will be encouraged to ‘judge’ chefs through tips. A tip jar will be placed at each food station. At the end of the night, the chef with the most tips in their jar will win a prize. First, second or third place prizes will be given. Proceeds from tips will benefit AWARE, Inc. This year’s Top Chef Award is a gas grill! Get your fans tipping, even ahead of the event night!

Helpful hints!

Recipe Guidelines
 Select a dish that can be easily transferred from your kitchen to the Commonwealth Center.
 Test your recipe before the event, to make sure it will serve well in quantity

Day-of-Event Food Preparation Guidelines
 Prepare food almost to the point of completion, requiring only minor steps to finish or assemble
 Deliver prepared items to the Commonwealth Center Ballroom 5:00 p.m. the day of the event.
 Deliver all prepared items in disposable containers (items will be moved to chafing dishes and/or platters on site)
 Be ready to set up your Chef Station upon arrival
 Deliver all side components with your prepared items (i.e., dipping sauces, spices, etc.)
 Remain at Commonwealth Center after setting up, so all chefs can do an event walk-through
 Volunteers and staff will be onsite to assist you with anything you may need

Recipe Submissions
E-mail recipes to Leighanne Rappaport at lrappaport@awareshelter.org or fax to 517-990-6769 by October 15, 2015. Clearly indicate if nuts, soy, or gluten are used in the recipe.

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